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Schalke fans riot after their captain talks about potentially joining Dortmund

Alexander Nubel, Schalke 04, Bundesliga
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Riding the positive wave this season, Schalke are third in Bundesliga as the title never looked as realistic as this season with a wave of youngsters leading the team.

If there’s one thing Schalke are known for – it’s their rivalry with Borussia Dortmund.

The two sets of fans can’t stand each other as they participate in Ruhr Derby.

This season’s matchup ended in a goalless tie.

However, club captain has now caused protests from Schalke fans. After being asked if he would ever play for Borussia Dortmund, Alexander Nubel replied:

“I think, yes,” according to Derwesten.

Looking at his reply, it’s no wonder Jens Lehmann is his role model.

Lehmann switched sides as he joined the BVB after playing for Schalke.

The very insensitive thing to say as a captain, Nubel has now a lot of explaining to do.