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Schar – I will give Xhaka a hug when I see him

granit xhaka, switzerland
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Granit Xhaka’s Swiss international teammate Fabian Schar will give his compatriot a hug when he sees him.

The Granit Xhaka discussion rumbles on. Newcastle United’s Schar who is a fellow Swiss international has pledged his full support for the Arsenal man.

Many fellow professionals have lept t the defense of the Arsenal captain following his verbal exchange with his own fans.

After being substituted, he faced a barrage of abuse from his own fans, to which he responded with some choice words of his own.

Nobody has condoned what he said or even claimed he was right. In fact, on the contrary, it is widely accepted his reaction was wrong.

But what has been acknowledged is the difficulty a player faces when his own fans turn on him.

Xhaka has issued an apology of sorts.

He explained the abuse he was facing and regrets his actions, which may have offended some fans.

According to Talk Sport, Schar insists, Xhaka is a “good guy,” and giving his all for his club.

Schar has known Xhaka for some time through the Switzerland national team.

He said:

“I played with him for years and I know how he is as a person.”

“He’s doing everything for Arsenal, which is why he’s captain.”

“He’s a very good guy and people aren’t seeing this.”

The Newcastle man understands the difficult time he is going through and will give him his full support.

He added:

“I will see him in a couple of weeks with the international team and I’ll give him a hug.”

“It’s very hard for a player when your own fans are against you.”

“Then you do something emotional that people don’t understand.”

“It would be a very difficult situation for any player to have to deal with that.”

“To have that from your own fans is the worst thing that can happen to you.”

“Nobody wants to see things like this. I’m happy that this has never happened to me.”

Xhaka is captain of both Arsenal and the Swiss national team and Schar commends him on a job well done.

He continued:

“He’s doing a great job for us. I know how he is and how he feels.”

“I can really understand him and I’m feeling for him.”

While his fellow teammates are embracing him, it remains to be seen of the Arsenal faithful will do the same.