Schlupp wants more action against racism in football

Crystal Palace winger Jeffrey Schlupp has called serious action to combat racism in football following the abuse suffered by Raheem Sterling on Saturday.

In the wake of the Raheem Sterling incident, Schlupp has advocated for serious measures to fight the issue of racial abuse in matches.

“I think everyone has seen it and obviously it is such an important thing, not just for football, but generally in the world,” Schlupp told Sky Sports.

“You can ban these people from a stadium, but I feel like more needs to be done.

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“Whether it is more people getting educated on the matter or something else, it seems to still be around, which is obviously not good.

“I feel people need to actually be educated on racism and what it actually means, and what it does to people.

“No one should have to go through that, not just athletes.

“Unfortunately, it is still around and something serious needs to be done.”


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