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Schmeichel remembers how Srivaddhanaprabha helped him

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The Leicester City goalkeeper knows the legacy the former manager left at the club after he tragically died

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel continued talking about the importance former owner Viachi Srivaddhanaprabha had on his career.

“He wasn’t in it to make money, he wanted to give. He had a passion for the club, for Leicester, all that he did for the city – the donations to the hospital and such,” Schmeichel remembered according to Sky Sports.

“When I broke my foot I had to go down to London and we were playing against Manchester City in our first season back in the Premier League.”

“He came to the hospital, picked me up and flew me back in his helicopter to Leicester to watch the game with him. He didn’t have to do that, but he did,” he added.

“Unfortunately, [I remember] everything. Every little detail.”

“I had family over from Denmark and I gave them a little look around the stadium and the pitch – the helicopter was always a big attraction,” he commented about the night the owner died.

“We waved him off, waved him goodbye, and we kind of just watched him go up.. I’d seen him do it hundreds of times – it was a kind of ritual thing in the end.”

“You could just tell something was wrong because it doesn’t normally stand still like that. And what unfolded, unfolded,” explained.

“I ran straight out of the tunnel and round to that side of the stadium. People over that side of the stadium hadn’t seen what had gone on.”

“So, I came sprinting out, shouting for people to call the police, one of our security guards saw me, ran after me,” he concluded.