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Scotland’s Robertson hopes for a positive result against Belgium

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Scotland was defeated at home 2-1 by Russia in yesterday’s 2020 European Championship qualifiers, and the team is almost out of the race for a spot at the Euros.

Scotland’s hopes of qualifying for the 2020 European Championship were hit with a big blow yesterday, as Russia defeated the Scottish 2-1 at home.

And for Andrew Robertson, the only chance the team has to maintain hopes alive are if they can beat Belgium in their next match.

“It doesn’t matter how far we are behind Belgium, they were always going to win this group comfortably,” he told The Daily Mail.

“The worrying thing is how far we are behind Russia.”

Robertson explained: “We could have been the team to compete with them and now they are six points clear.”

“That is going to be pretty hard to get back but we need to try and unfortunately we have Belgium at home next.”

“There is no other option but to get a result and if we don’t get one on Monday, I think it will be verging on impossible to get through this group,” he said.

“We need the belief that first 15 minutes, that we can cause good teams problems.”

“Belgium is a big step up from Russia and when we get the ball we need to keep it because it is tough,” he commented.

“It is going to be a hell of a task to believe we can get something from Belgium but we need to believe that we can.”