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Scotland’s women expect 10,000 fans for farewell match

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The national team is set to play at their own national stadium for the first time in seven years, before playing in the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Scotland will play in June at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

And the team is expected to have a historical send-off, as they will host Jamaica at Hampden Park, the first time in seven years they play at their own national stadium.

The Scottish Ladies want to break the 4,098 attendance record from last year against Switzerland and are expecting at least 10,000 fans tomorrow.

“We want to continue in the same form we have been in. We want to build momentum going into the World Cup, that is important,” coach Shelley Kerr told Sky Sports.

“But ultimately we are looking at the support.”

“For me, it would be a huge watershed moment in Scottish women’s football if we can exceed 10,000, and I am confident we can do that,” she added.

“I think the players deserve it. We have always set ourselves a target of inspiring the nation and it would be fantastic for the players if we were to get that 10,000 or more.”

“It is the national stadium, it is what dreams are made of,” she continued saying.

“Personally, I am very fortunate to be at the helm to take my team to the World Cup.”

She explained: “But pre-World Cup, to lead the team out at Hampden, it doesn’t get any better, and if we get that number as expected, I will have a little wry smile at the end of the game regardless.”

“That should be a typical statement. It was a heartfelt statement, it wasn’t just for the sake of it.”

“I have spoken to Steve since, he is a proud passionate Scot, like myself. We want our national teams to do well, so it is about having an integrated approach and we are the same,” Kerr concluded.

“The women’s national team, myself, everyone connected to women’s football, we want the men to do well too.”