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Scott Arfield honoured to captain Canada

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Scott Arfield is proud to be leading the Canadian football team describing it as the pinnacle of his career.

Arfield, 29, produced a man of the match display as he wore the armband for Sunday’s record-breaking 8-0 victory over US Virgin Islands.

The former Burnley player said: “When you get this, you don’t want to let this slip. This is the pinnacle of your career, in terms of being the captain of your country.

“I spoke to my dad in the airport when I knew I was going to be coming out of this camp as skipper.

“There’s only so much that a manager and staff can say and I think it holds just as much weight, sometimes more weight, if you’re on the field or training pitch.”

He added: “It was job done. We came out here to make history, and we have done so.

“You can only beat what’s in front of you, and it was a difficult game, in terms of stuffiness, and it was one where we’ll take the victory, and everybody moves on.

“We’re obviously quite happy with the result.

“We wanted to make a statement that this is a new generation to take this forward, and the confidence is going to be buzzing for October now.”