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Sean Dyche cannot stand diving!

Sean Dyche, Burnley, Premier League
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Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes the English Premier League should look for a bigger punishment for diving “than just a yellow card.”

Burnley was defeated 4-2 by Chelsea on this weekend’s English Premier League action.

And for Clarets boss, diving should be punished with more than just a yellow card in order to stop this practice by players.

“Just to clear it up, this is nothing against Hudson-Odoi, he’s a fantastic young talent and I’m sure he’s got a great career in front of him, or Chelsea for beating us, because they were too strong for us and Frank is doing a great job,” Dyche told talkSPORT.

“This is about the biggest picture of the game. We get told to respect everything and everyone, but the powers that be and certain players at certain times are not respecting the actual game and what it stands for.”

“I’m not talking about gamesmanship and clearness of players, that’s been there forever. I was a center-half, and not a very good one, and if a center-forward goes past me and I clip his ankles and he goes down that’s my fault and I accept that,” he added.

“We’re talking about blatant diving, people who get no contact at all.”

“These are highly powered and highly athletic players who have incredible balance, and yet somehow they seem to be going to ground all over the place with minimal touch and I think it’s unacceptable,” he commented.

“The sanction has got to be stronger than just a yellow card.”

“I was flummoxed in the Premier League meeting earlier this year when they said the worst that can happen [if someone dives] is they get a yellow card,” Dyche continued.

“It’s ridiculous! It gives everyone a free shot. They’ll be doing it all the time. Players will be thinking, ‘I’ll take a yellow card if there’s a chance I might get a penalty’.”

“No one really wants to take it on, I seem to be a lone voice in this, but hopefully people will start listening and will try and get rid of it,” he concluded.