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Sean Dyche talks about gay footballers and feminism too

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Burnley manager, Sean Dyche, believes a homosexual footballer is not worst or better than a straight one; and he also wants to see equality in the sport.

Burnley coach Sean Dyche might be the English Premier League most laid back manager.

He doesn’t have any memorabilia at his home, as he doesn’t want to talk about his work while he’s with his family.

And he also defended gay footballers and wants to see women have equal rights.

“Does being gay mean you can’t be a good footballer?” Dyche told The Guardian in a long interview.

“No. So let’s crack on.”

“Hold on though,” he said.

“Have you ever thought they might not want you to have any idea? This thing about ‘the next gay footballer’.”

“Imagine the noise around that. They might not want it. You could not contain that information. All I am saying is that in my changing room, there would be no problem,” he continued.

“I grew up in an era where Dad worked, Mum looked after the family, and if I think of the qualities she brought to that – nurture and support are so valuable.”

“She didn’t have a powerful job, but she was very powerful in my house, as powerful as any position anyone can hold in business. You cannot underestimate the importance of that role in a home,” he said.

Dyche still believes women should have equal rights in football, and the importance of the 2019 edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup had on the sport.