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Sean Longstaff makes shocking claim

sean longstaff
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The young midfielder revealed that he was actually considering making a move to League One last summer before his big break arrived.

Sean Longstaff hasn’t played a lot of games in the Premier League so far but has already shown that he has a bright future ahead of him.

After 8 Premier League appearances for Newcastle last season, Sean Longstaff is attracting a lot of interest from Manchester United who need a long-term solution to their midfield worries.

Currently on a preseason training trip to China under Steve Bruce, Sean Longstaff is fully focused on getting himself ready for the new season.

And while speaking to the Chronicle via Daily Mail, the youngster said that if he looks back to how things were panning out last summer, he would never have thought about coming this far. Stating that it is quite something from thinking about moving to League One to getting interest from one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“If somebody had said to be me a year ago I would be in this position, I would probably have laughed at them.”

“This time last year, I was deciding whether to go to League One on loan. A year on, you are seeing your name linked with one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“For me, it is all a positive really. It gives you even more confidence. When I was in for a short amount of time, people took notice of me.

“It is flattering, but my job is at Newcastle. The new boss is coming in and it’s a clean slate for everybody – including me.

“I just get my head down and work on the pitch. Like anybody knows, you are no use to anybody if you aren’t fit.”

And Sean Longstaff will definitely be catching further attention as Newcastle get ready to start playing some warmup games.