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Secrets that you may not have known about Cristiano Ronaldo

Crisitano Ronaldo - Juventus
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Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo was expelled for attacking his teacher? This and a lot of other interesting secrets about the Portuguese superstar will be revealed in this article.

Rebellious past

The same as a lot of other boys, Cristiano used to have a pretty rebellious time. The best evidence for this is that Ronaldo was expelled from school for throwing a chair at the teacher.

When asked about this memory, he said: “I was pretty normal at school and I was not particularly close to anyone. It is not hate, but I didn’t really like school. I got kicked out for throwing a chair at the teacher. Why? The teacher did not respect me.” In fact, this incident brought a lot of benefits, because then his mother, Maria Dolores decided to let her son focus entirely on his football career.

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Named after American president

Cristiano Ronaldo’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was born on February 5, 1985 in Santo Antonio – the neighborhood of Funchal, Madeira. His dad was Jose Dinis Aveiro, a seasonal gardener, mother Maria Dolores, a chef. CR7 is the youngest of the family and he has an older brother (Hugo) and two older sisters (Elma and Liliana Catia).

Ronaldo’s name was given to him by his parents. Mrs. Dolores chose the name Cristiano. And Mr. Jose Aveiro chose the name Ronaldo, after the name of the US president at that time – Ronald Reagan.

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One religion, four languages

Since Cristiano has played in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and currently in the Italian Serie A, he can comfortably speak four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian.

Ronaldo is a Christian. In an interview in early 2011, CR7 said: “Yes, it is true that I am a Christian. Several times I also expressed gratitude to God in my own way when I celebrated the goal but not as much as Kaka.”

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Fateful surgery

Ronaldo was diagnosed with arrhythmia at the age of 15. That is not surprising, because he was always ready to run at full speed on the pitch. The surgery only had a success rate of 50% and if it failed, Ronaldo would not be able to continue playing football. And in the end, he won.

Almost played for Liverpool

Before Manchester United brought the young talent to Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon, Liverpool soon had a chance to approach Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier attended a U-17 match held in Portugal and witnessed Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent. However, The Reds did not want to pay a high salary for this young Portuguese, and he never set foot in Liverpool. You can find more about transfer rumours and odds surrounding Ronaldo at Vn88.

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An emotional person

When he was abandoned while travelling with his family in the Madeira region, Ronaldo cried. When he was criticized by Sir Alex Ferguson after the game, he also cried. And when receiving the title Golden Ball, this Portuguese superstar also cried. The 35-year-old striker cried a lot, his intense emotions were revealed both in the dressing room and on the pitch.

Wanted to choose number 28

Cristiano Ronaldo once wanted to choose the number 28 shirt, not the familiar number 7 as we know today. Cristiano shared that after returning to Old Trafford. He was not confident to wear the number 7 shirt that Sir Alex gave him because it created too much pressure after David Beckham’s departure.

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The man does not drink

The fact of the matter is that Ronaldo is not Muslim, he is a Christian, but he never drank alcohol since his father, a very heavy alcoholic, died at the age of 52.

A high rebound

When Ronaldo jumped, the rebound he created was 5 times the rebound power of a common wild panther. This bounce allows him to jump up to 44 cm when jumping from a standing position, and 78 cm when jumping with momentum – 7cm higher than a professional basketball player.

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Ronaldo is a supermodel

In order to have the ideal body with 6-pack abs, Ronaldo has undergone a very special physical training process. This Portuguese player regularly lifts the total weight equivalent to 16 Toyota Prius cars during a fitness session. In addition, CR7 also loves push-ups and usually does a few hundreds a day.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet also pays special attention to diets enriched with protein and carbohydrates. In addition, getting eight hours of sleep a day helps CR7 have an abundant source of energy. Surprisingly, Ronaldo has less body fat than supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Constant charitable activities

Ronaldo regularly participates in charitable activities that resonate and go viral. Ronaldo is always willing to spend a lot on charitable activities at home or programs organized by fans or major international events.

CR7 has auctioned the Golden Boot, the award he won in 2012 to support 1.5 million euros for the construction of a new school in the war zone of the Garage, Middle East. In addition, Ronaldo also helped build a Cancer Treatment Center in Madeira. Ronaldo has been the brand ambassador of the campaign “Save the Children” – a program to help children who are hungry and obese in the world.

No tattoos for the purpose of blood donation

While most of his teammates got tattoos, Ronaldo does not have tattoos. The reason is that he wants to continue to donate blood to help people. Many countries require that you have to wait a long time after getting a tattoo to donate blood.

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