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Semedo – my 2:30 am run with Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Jose Semedo recalls how Ronaldo convinced him to go for a run at 2:30 am after a flight from China.

This is not the first time we here about the adventures of the unsuspecting roommates or teammates of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although this one will take some beating.

The workout apparently took place after a flight Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Semedo were taking back from China.

Most have jet lag, and can’t wait it get home, relax and recover after a long haul flight.

That is what Semedo thought he was going to do until Ronaldo informed him otherwise.

The pair were restrung to CR7’s Madrid pad, but Semedo’s plans were a little different from Ronaldo’s.

He said:

“I was imagining that spa in his house.”‘

“Having a massage to relax.”

It was 2:30 am, he went to his room and got ready.”

He picked up some shorts, came into my room and said ‘Seme we’re going for a run.'”

Semedo could not say no to Ronaldo.

He added:

“I thought this guy is crazy.”