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Sergi Samper believes Barcelona can win the Champions with players from the youth system

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Former Blaugrana footballer, Sergi Samper, believes the Barcelona youth system is so good, that the team could win the UEFA Champions League with just players from there.

For former Barcelona player, Sergi Samper, the Blaugrana youth system is so good, that the club could field the whole starting eleven with players from the system and win the UEFA Champions League.

“I didn’t really know Victor [Valdes] all that well but he’s a player that came through the academy and has clear concepts of what he wants to do,” he told Sport.

“The players will give him maximum respect.”

He explained why the youth system is important: “It’s important because it’s what makes us different.”

“I speak from personal experience because I feel part of that. It’s what makes us different from the rest.”

“We won the most when we had academy graduates in the team,” he said about the chance of winning the UEFA Champions League with only players from the youth system.

“The more we have, the better it’ll go. I’m sure of it.”

And about Frenkie, he said: “De Jong is a great player. No one doubts that and he’ll adapt quickly. He’s very talented and in that regard, it won’t be a problem.”

“He’s compatible with other academy players.”

“His movement. He’s very intelligent, how he protects the ball, how he runs, he’s always in the right place, offering an outlet for his teammates. He’s very complete,” Samper concluded.