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Sergi Samper explains what is like to live in Japan

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Former Barcelona defender, Sergi Samper, has been with Vissel Kobe for the past four months and he is enjoying life in Japan.

Former Barcelona defender Sergi Samper joined Vissel Kobe in the J-League from Japan.

“I have been four months, and the experience is very good,” he told Sport.

“It’s a big change, but I’m very happy with life in general, enjoying football. I’m very happy.”

“I had followed some games and they are very fast dynamic teams. They are quite powerful equipment,” he explained about Japanese and Spanish teams.

“Here there is little possession and more transitions, many occasions are generated. It’s hard to control the games.”

Sergi Samper added: “In Vissel we try to play something else, but many players are new and it is difficult to adapt to the style of play.”

“It costs especially when you have trained there and played as a child only one way. When you go out you have to adapt to other things.”

“In Barça, there is a very particular way of playing football, which is only played in Barça. When you know it by heart, it doesn’t cost you,” he continued.

“That is why it is harder for those who arrive from outside to adapt and those of the quarry have a harder time leaving.”

“I can speak for my case. I have always been very culé and my dream was to succeed in Barça and that’s why I fought until the end,” he concluded.