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Sergio Aguero and his latest heartbreak with Argentina

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After yet another heartbreak with the Argentina National Team, we need to talk about Sergio Aguero’s latest heartbreak within the squad.

Trying to explain the difficult time that Sergio Aguero has experienced in the Argentina National Team is really difficult, but we’ll give it a try.

We still can’t figure out why it is that the Manchester City star’s critics don’t understand why he doesn’t play equally well with his club and country.

There is a similar situation that happens with Aguero and Messi, they are both their club’s greatest players in history but they simply don’t work with their national team.

We already explained our theory in a previous article, Argentina lacks the midfielders to help both players up front.

But Aguero will be the sacrificed player that comes out of the first Copa America blunder vs Colombia, the player is set to get cut from the starting XI vs Paraguay.

Manager Lionel Scaloni has apparently made the decision to leave Aguero on the bench and give Lautaro Martinez a chance to prove himself.

This decision has received mixed feelings from the media and the fans alike, some think it’s too soon to make the call and some believe Scaloni shouldn’t have brought Aguero in the first place.

According to Fox Sports, the gaffer never liked ‘Kun’ for his Copa America squad but he brought the forward in order to keep Messi happy.

He made the decision to let him play two matches and then give Lautaro a chance, this happened even before the final list was published.

Aguero simply can’t please anybody in Argentina.

Despite being Manchester City’s all-time top scorer and currently being at the top of his game, Aguero always had terrible luck with Argentina.

When he wasn’t suffering injuries during important competitions, he was always the second option as Gonzalo Higuain kept getting the slot in the starting XI.

Even with all those matches that he missed, ‘Kun’ was always the first one to get the blame as one of Messi’s friends who didn’t deserve to be in the squad.

But the reality is that Sergio never got his proper chance to shine in the national team, nor the ideal environment for him to truly perform his best football.

We are under the impression that Sergio will remain unlucky when it comes to representing his country, that’s just the way it happens with some players.

However, this lack of good fortune doesn’t reflect the type of player that Sergio Aguero is.

We are talking about one of the best strikers that Argentina has produced in the last 50 years.

He is one of two Argentines who are the all-time top scorer of a massive European club.

There really is nothing else that Sergio Aguero can do in order to please the people from his country, he has done everything in his power to be considered the first option for the national team.

Aguero is devastated after the decision.

The worst part of this is that Sergio’s luck is so bad, that Lautaro Martinez might have a good night against Paraguay and this will leave ‘Kun’ on the bench for the rest of the Copa America.

According to Fox Sports, the player had a very intense discussion with Lionel Scaloni that didn’t go over well.

The striker feels betrayed by the manager because the information about his imminent substitution on the second match was leaked to the press.

‘Kun’ is also reportedly gutted for this decision, he feels like he made a hollow effort throughout the season to reach this tournament.

Aguero has nothing against Lautaro Martinez, but his relationship with Lionel Scaloni is completely broken after this.

The one who will have to deal with this is Lionel Messi, who is the squad’s captain and Sergio Aguero’s roommate.

It will be Leo’s major task to get his friend’s mind out of that negative space, mainly because the manager is still planning to use him as a substitute throughout the rest of the Copa America.

This latest heartbreak has probably been the most painful in Sergio Aguero’s international career, but he has the strength to pick himself back up.

Why do you think Sergio Aguero has been so unlucky with Argentina? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.