Sergio Aguero’s chances of reaching Alan Shearer’s record

during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Huddersfield Town at Etihad Stadium on August 19, 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

After Sergio Aguero’s latest hat-trick for Manchester City against Huddersfield Town, he reached the all-time Top 10 goal scoring table. But can he reach Alan Shearer?

As we’ve been carefully looking at Manchester City’s latest season and this past weekend’s match, we can’t help but notice the fantastic work that Sergio Aguero is doing and how close he is getting to Alan Shearer’s record. Out of all the names that form the Top 10 list of strikers in the Premier League’s all-time top scorer’s, only ‘Kun’ and Jermaine Defoe are active on the English competition. The other one who is still active on the list but doesn’t play in England anymore is DC United’s, Wayne Rooney. But the player who actually has a shot at Alan Shearer’s insane 260-goal record is Argentina international Sergio Aguero, ‘Kun’ actually reached 146 goals this past weekend and now shares the number 10 spot with Teddy Sheringham. We are about to analyze Aguero’s actual chances to get to that number, which is 114 goals in order to get there.

He could reach the third spot soon.

As the list stands today and considering the great start Aguero had with those three goals against Huddersfield, the Argentine could reach the third spot on the list next season. Right now Andy Cole is third with 187 goals, Wayne Rooney ranks second with 208, and then we have Alan Shearer way above with 260. This means that ‘Kun’ needs 41 goals to reach Andy Cole and then just keep grinding at this same level of play during the twilight of his career, that’s if Manchester City doesn’t decide to sell him before and Aguero gets the retirement that he deserves with the Citizens. The former Atletico Madrid striker is arguably the most important player in the club’s history, he is the one who scored that legendary goal against Queens Park Rangers, which gave City their third English Top Division title in history and changed the landscape for the club ever since.

Aguero’s goal scoring average.

But what’s even crazier about this striker who is still at the top of his game, is the unusual goal-scoring average he has shown since he first arrived in the Premier League. Just to give you guys a perspective, Alan Shearer did score 260 Premier League goals throughout his career but he did it in a total of 441 matches, this gives him a .59 goal per match ratio. Wayne Rooney scored 208 goals in 494 matches, which gives him a .42 goal per match ratio. But get this, ‘Kun has scored 146 goals in 208 matches, this gives him a staggering .70 goal per match ratio. There is only one other player who has a slightly better ratio than Aguero and who could reach Alan Shearer’s numbers as well: that man is Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, who has a .71 goal per match ratio but only has scored 109 goals in 154 matches so far.

Can Aguero keep up with this pace?

That’s the million dollar question. Sergio Aguero seems in good form and looking like he may have a fantastic season with Manchester City, Pep Guardiola will make sure that he remains in good shape to take on the full season as the main striker for the team. It all depends on how much energy can Sergio muster for the finals years of his career in top form, he also depends a great deal on his teammates who provide him with the assists. But there is one thing that we need to consider, something that can help him greatly in the upcoming seasons. Sergio Agüero has pretty much resigned from the Argentina national team, if he doesn’t make the trips to South America for matches or tournaments in the following years, that means City will have more Sergio Aguero to focus on that record and maybe have a shot at reaching the numbers of legendary Alan Shearer. We believe he can actually pull it off, but we won’t know until his career at Manchester City comes to an end.

How many goals do you think Sergio Aguero will score in the Premier League before he retires? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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