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Sergio Ramos explains why he loves the Panenka-penalty

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After beating Girona at the Santiago Bernabeu in Copa del Rey, brace ace Sergio Ramos explained why he loves the Panenka-penalty so much.

We all know by now that Sergio Ramos loves his Panenka-style penalty kicks and that he loves to repeat them constantly, the Real Madrid skipper for some reason keeps banging these types of goals in despite rivals already knowing how many times he’s attempted them.

The Spaniard has a certain ability to read the moment of the match every single time he has to step in front of the goalkeeper and look at his eyes right before taking his shot, this time he did it again vs Girona in the Copa del Rey’s first leg quarterfinals when the match was on a very tight situation for Los Blancos.

The Catalan club started winning the match with an early goal from Lozano, then Real tied the game thanks to an effort made by Lucas Vazquez during a counterattack in which he got an assist from Alvaro Odriozola.

Just three minutes before the half time whistle, a penalty was awarded to Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos took his time to strike the ball. You guessed it, the skipper took the chance again and scored a brand new Panenka-styled kick from the spot to give Real Madrid the momentary win for this specific match.

But Girona has never been a squad that likes giving up, they came back strong during the second half.

Alex Granell scored the equalizer after an hour had passed during the match and all the people at Bernabeu were left stunned, the ghosts from past eliminations were starting to creep in for Los Blancos but they still had over 20 minutes to play.

Skipper Sergio Ramos didn’t have enough with a single goal, he responded during the final ten minutes of the match with one of his heroic headers and gave Real Madrid the advantage once again.

The captain keeps his competitive gene very much alive and well with this new performance, he transformed into the club’s centre-forward while performing his usually spectacular duties as a centre-back.

Real Madrid was able to get the fourth goal during the final minutes of the game for the final 4-2 win at the Bernabeu, this victory leaves the Spanish giants with big chances of qualifying to the Copa del Rey semifinals but there is still a very complicated trip to Montilivi that they still have to make.

After this fresh victory, Sergio Ramos explained why he keeps taking these risks with the Panenka shot and explained that he loves a little bit of thrill in his life every now and then.

The Spanish defender was very happy with the result against the Catalan club, he was easily the most valuable player of the match and reminded us that this squad wouldn’t have all the trophies they won in the last six years if it hadn’t been for Ramos’ contributions.

“Taking a penalty in this manner is a way of expressing my individuality and the good moment I’m living through,” said Ramos via Marca.

“I’m in a very comfortable personal moment right now. These penalties keep coming, but I can’t get used to taking them in this way, I’ll have to put it to one side.”

“The tie is still very much open,” Ramos added.

“We picked up a good result and we would have liked to keep a clean sheet but that just shows there are no easy teams in this competition.”

“We already saw it from Girona against Atletico [Madrid], but we’ve taken a big step in the right direction and now we have to go there and finish the job.”

“They hurt us with their two up front who have got so much pace but we controlled it better in the second half and we were fortunate in front of goal. I hope we can continue this positive run of results.”

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