Sergio Ramos remembers Jose Antonio Reyes

Both players shared the locker room at Sevilla, and Ramos said he will miss his former teammate after Reyes died in a car accident.

On Saturday morning Sevilla wrote on Twitter how former player Jose Antonio Reyes had tragically died in a car accident.

And the world of football was quick to react, including his ex-teammate Sergio Ramos, who shared the locker room with Reyes while at Sevilla.

“Today is one of the saddest days we can face, not just Sevilla fans, but on a personal level,” Ramos told Marca.

“It’s a hard blow, we still can’t believe it, you can’t digest it in such little time.”

He explained: “The loss of Jose Antonio is a great loss for us all, he was a great friend.”

“These things happen in life, it’s another chapter after what happened with Antonio Puerta.”

“We have to support his family however possible and show them how he was, a great person who shared a lot of affection,” he said.

Luka Jovic laughs at loan rumors

According to the Real Madrid new signing, Luka Jovic, his place at the La Liga club is guarantee and he is just laughing at the rumors.

“We will always remember him, we practically grew up together, we had the chance to make it, succeed and keep ourselves there, we’ve lived countless anecdotes, he always made you smile, that bit of humor, that joke, that prank.”

“I have a thousand stories, we had a thousand jokes for the new guys who would come, and they always came from him,” he added.

“He always wanted us to remember him with an eternal smile, from ear to ear, he doesn’t deserve any less than that for the great person he was, always worried about others.”

“He deserves affection and eternal respect, we will celebrate all our victories with him wherever he may be, just like Antonio,” Ramos concluded.


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