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Serie C player becomes first footballer in Italy diagnosed with coronavirus

Zlatan Ibrhimovic, AC Milan, San Siro
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Coronavirus has continued to spread in the capital and a player in the third division of Italian football has now been diagnosed with the disease.

A Serie C player has just been diagnosed with coronavirus and becomes the first professional footballer to contact the disease.

The killer virus is continuing to spread, with over 2800 deaths now recorded globally and it recently moved into Italy too.

There has been red alerts in the capital, including some matches having to be postponed when the disease was first recorded in Italy.

And in a piece of sad news, the coronavirus has now hit the footballing world as a player is now said to have been diagnosed with the disease.

The affected player plays for US Pianese ASD, is 22 years old but was not named according to Italian newspaper La Nazione via The Daily Mail.

A statement on Thursday read: “Two new suspected positive cases of Coronavirus in Tuscany. Both are awaiting confirmation by the Higher Institute of Health.”

“One is a 22-year-old man in the Siena province, a Pianese player, who last Saturday had symptoms in a hotel in Alessandria, where he was training with the team ahead of Sunday’s game [at Juventus U-23s].”

Coronavirus continues to threaten footballing activities in the country and even stricter measures would have to be taken after this development.