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Shaw admits players are to blame for United’s problems

Luke Shaw, manchester United
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Luke Shaw calls on his teammates to stop letting manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer take the blame and step up to be Manchester United players.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has often been accused of not being tough enough for the United job. Many lay the blame at his feet for the club’s poor season.

The United boss is under continuous pressure and speculation surrounding his future appears to never cease

However, Luke Shaw is backing his boss and his way of handling things. He insists it’s not Solskjaer’s fault.

The left-back admits he and his teammates need to be honest and face the fact that the club’s problems lay squarely with them.

In an interview with The Mirror, Shaw calls on his teammates to step up and deliver as a Manchester United player should.

He said:

“We’re all aware how the manager has tried to take the criticism on himself this season.”

“We admire him for that, but there does come a time as a player when you have to look at yourself and realize that it’s all on you.”

“The manager can’t keep defending us and taking the criticism.”

“It’s up to us now – we’re the ones who need to shoulder the blame and start performing on the pitch.”

“In the dressing room, he always lets us know if we aren’t doing the thing he expects from us.”

“But there isn’t a lot he can do once we go out onto the pitch. Then it is down to us.”

“Ole can only do so much to prepare us but once the whistle goes then it’s up to us to prove we deserve to be Manchester United players.”

“We’ve let down him, ourselves and the United fans.”

Finally some honesty from a United player.

But will Shaw and his teammates change and react before it’s too late and another season of failure comes to an end?