Chris Wilder has said that Sheffield United are going to play attacking football as the club makes a return to the English Premier League.

Sheffield United made a lot of fans last season after gutsy displays in the Championship. The Blades are back in the Premier League after a long time. And while the club’s main priority would be to assure safety from a relegation battle, Chris Wilder says that it’s not going to stop the club from playing their natural game.

While speaking to Daily Mail, the Sheffield United boss said that the club wants to be ambitious and play the way that has served them well in past.

Looking to buck the trend of newly promoted teams preferring to play safe football, Sheffield United will play attacking football. The club is not scared or fazed by the prospect of playing against top teams in the league.

‘Everybody will want to attach us to a Burnley or a Bournemouth or a Brighton, who have established themselves in the Premier League, but we just want to go about it in our own way and stay in the division – that has to be the ambition. That’s not being negative, it’s just being realistic,’ said Wilder.


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‘We’ll go into every game and try to do our best and get something from it. It is an enormous challenge staying in the division and if we do it, it will obviously be better than getting out of the previous division. But we are excited and we’re not scared about it.

‘I hate the old DNA shout but from our point of view we’re not going to rip up everything we’ve done and change everything, I don’t think that’s fair. We can’t do that and we will go about it our way – the Sheffield United way – and believe that it’s going to be good enough to succeed.

‘That isn’t to say we’re going to be arrogant enough to come into the division and not change. We’ve got to be cuter and play smarter and tailor the game and the approach because we are looking at different kinds of opponent now.

‘You’ve go to keep evolving and you’ve got to keep taking those small steps. We have to improve and we have to improve in terms of recruitment, we have to improve off the pitch, preparation and so on but I think it would be foolish to rip up what has been successful for us over the past three years.’


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