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Sheffield United’s boss hopes co-owners fight would end soon

Chris Wilder, Sheffield United
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According to Sheffield United boss, Chris Wilder, the long-running court case between the team’s co-owners has been a headache and he hopes it can end soon.

Sheffield United co-owners, Kevin McCabe and Prince Abdullah, have been fighting over the control of the English Premier League club.

And for manager Chris Wilder, he hopes the long-running court case can end soon, so they can focus on football.

“I think everyone does. I should imagine both the owners do. They want it settled,” Wilder said to Sky Sports.

“It is disappointing it has come to this from their point of view more than anybody.”

“We have coped with it, we have not used it as an excuse. There is no reason to use it as an excuse,” he added.

“When I have asked to be backed I have been. When I have pushed in order to improve the football club on and off the pitch, they have supported me in their ways.”

“For a club to really move forward it has to be united on the pitch, which it obviously is, but as well off the pitch. It is something that needs to be settled and hopefully it will be on Monday,” he commented.

“The staff and from the football point of view have obviously coped with it very well. It has obviously been rumbling on for quite a while.”

“From the owners’ point of view, I have been pretty consistent in my outlook on it,” he concluded.

“But I should imagine six years ago they would not have envisaged it being this way in terms of going to High Court.”