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Sherwood loves Bielsa’s ‘audacity’ amid spy row

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Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood admires Marcelo Bielsa’s boldness over admitting his spying antics

The Leeds United coach confessed to reporters on Wednesday he had spied on all of their opponents’ training sessions through a bizarre hour-long Powerpoint presentation.

“He does not care what anyone thinks about him – I admire that,” Sherwood told Sky Sports.

“He feels like he’s done nothing wrong. He assembled the press and disarmed them straight away.

“He answered all the questions before they had a chance to ask any. In his mind, he’s not broken any rules although the FA may disagree.

“Then if he has then they will punish him. But the audacity to come out and do this is top draw.”

While the Argentinean’s actions has caused widespread controversy in English football, Sherwood argues that Bielsa’s actions are fair.

“I wouldn’t be happy if I was the opposition manager,” added Sherwood.

“Would he be happy if teams were spying on him? I wouldn’t think so.

“But it’s common practice and fair game. Everyone is capable of doing it to one another and they should be allowed to do it, in Bielsa’s eyes. Morally it’s wrong and it’s something we’re not used to. It’s a cultural thing.

“It’s a minor advantage and a minute detail which top managers always look to gain an advantage in.

“He will feel there’s no stone unturned in his preparation for the opposition at the weekend, and at the moment you have to say he’s doing a great job.”

Leeds currently lead the Championship table by four points from second-place Sheffield United in their bid for promotion to the Premier League this season.