Shilton remembers teammate Gordon Banks

The World Cup-winning goalkeeper died today at the age of 81, and his teammates are remembering the good times they had.

In 1966, England national team won its first and only FIFA World Cup trophy.

And a key part of that winning squad was goalkeeper Gordon Banks.

Now he passed away at the age of 81, and teammate Peter Shilton remembered the good times they had together.

“Gordon was my hero when I was a youngster watching Leicester City on the terraces,” Shilton was quoted by Four Four Two.

“I eventually joined the club and quickly became his understudy at 16.”

“He was always helpful, always a gentleman. In that era he was just a great goalkeeper,” he added.

“When you work with Gordon, it’s bound to rub off on you a little bit. I always admired his positional play in that era.”

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“It was a different era for goalkeepers, different rules. It was still the same job – keep the ball out of the net – and he was the best around at the time,” he added.

“I got to know him very well and he was just a really nice fella as well. We had a friendship and it’s just such tragic news that he’s gone.”

“He was a mentor to me,” Ray Clemence added.

“As far as I’m concerned, he was the greatest goalkeeper England have ever had. He made the job look ridiculously easy and anybody who’s played in that position knows that it isn’t.”

“He worked extremely hard in training to make the game look easy for him. [He was] a gentleman, everything about him. He had time for everybody all the time. He was just a special man,” Clemence continued.

“The work that he put in on the training ground allowed him to make that save.”

“Probably the best thing you could say to kids about Gordon was that he made the job look very easy but the work he put on the training ground allowed him to make it look easy,” he concluded.


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