The UEFA president talked how the big clubs in Europe keep getting bigger and the small teams don’t have great chances to grow.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin had a talk with Der Spiegel on how is not fair to punish big European clubs for being successful.

Currently, the Champions League permanent participants pulverize their national competitors, and this means almost every season we see them in the competition.

Which doesn’t allow smaller clubs to success, as the prize money for UCL participation has helped the bigger teams to get bigger?

“Should we punish them for being successful?” Ceferin asked to the German media outlet.

“I don’t think that’s the right way. We should not forget that the big clubs bring in the majority of UEFA’s revenues.”

He explained: “We have to do something about competitive balance. But how do we do it? EU law prevents a salary cap.”

“What we can do is to regulate the number of loan players more strictly and reduce roster sizes.”

“There’s also the idea of a luxury tax. According to that concept, you could invest, for example, 200 million more, but you’d then have to pay 100 million toward the rest,” he said.

“Do people only come for the beer? They come because football is the most interesting game in the world. People want more of it.”

“The semi-finals of this Champions League season were spectacular, completely unpredictable.”

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Ceferin continued saying: “And the final opponents Tottenham and Liverpool are not the richest clubs in Europe. So your theory falls here already.”

“We can’t tell the successful clubs: ‘You’re good, that’s why we kill you so that all are equal. Then they wouldn’t be interested in competing anymore’.”

Asked if the teams could create a Super League, Ceferin was clear:

“No, that will never happen. The clubs know that this would be quite a boring competition.”

“The domestic leagues are also important for the clubs to connect with their fans,” he said.

“I have told them that football is a school of life. You have to be humble, otherwise, it can backfire quickly.”


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