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Simeone denies he is a defensive manager for Atletico

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During an interview with La Nacion, Diego Simeone went off against the people who criticize him for being a defensive manager for Atletico Madrid.

Atletico manager Diego Simeone has always been labeled as a defensive coach, he’s never been one to go all out on the attack.

Ever since he started coaching football clubs in Argentina, people regard him as a man who tends to be more pragmatic than creative.

Even though he did lead a spectacular group of players when he coached River Plate, ‘Cholo’ rarely took any real risks but this tactic worked for him.

From the moment he started his career as a professional manager until today, Simeone has already won 9 titles in the span of 11 years working as a coach.

The problem with this fame that he has, is that Diego doesn’t agree with it one bit.

He refuses to fall under the category of other managers who are clearly more defensive than he is, he really doesn’t like this notion that people have about him.

The man recently spoke to La Nacion about this misconception that we all seem to have about his work, he decided to mention his achievements and historical facts in order to convince us that he is not defensive.

“It seems that nobody sees that [their achievemnets], but it’s not only that we became champions [of LaLiga Santander], but we are changing the history of the club,” Simeone told La Nacion.

“In these seven and a half years we won seven trophies and lost three finals, two of which in the Champions League and one in the Supercopa de Espana against Barcelona.”

“Atletico Madrid have started to place themselves among teams such as Liverpool, Inter, Juventus…”

“When I had the chance to coach River Plate, that team was considered South America’s Real Madrid at the time as in they always hired the best players available.”

“Coaching world class players is not the same than leading a more modest squad, and yet we still adapted to that environment.”

“We did pretty well during our first semester, we had a team that had Buonanotte, Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, Sebastian Abreu, and Ariel Ortega.”

“And don’t even get me started with Estudiantes… people seem to forget about that,” he continued.

“We played our first Europa League final [with Simeone at the helm] against [Marcelo] Bielsa’s Athletic Club, which was a great team,” he added.

“We featured Adrian [Lopez], Gabi [Fernandez], Mario Suarez and Diego [Ribas] in midfield and Arda Turan and [Radamel] Falcao [in advanced positions].”

“In the Copa del Rey final that we won against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, we had Diego Costa, Falcao and Arda in attack, with Koke, Gabi and Tiago [Mendes] in midfield.”

“Can you say that these teams are defensive, with Juanfran [Torres], who played as a winger at right-back and Filipe Luis on the left?”

“We arrived at Atletico Madrid and found a very solid team due to their nature and the characteristics of Raul Garcia, Cristian Rodriguez, Gabi, [Joao] Miranda and Diego Godin.”

“Now, following the team’s financial growth, we have started targeting players with other characteristics [such as flair and creativity].”

‘Cholo’ doesn’t understand why he is being criticized.

In order to let the Argentine manager fully understand why the fans and pundits come after him, perhaps we need to explain one thing.

When he arrived at first, Atletico Madrid took pride in not being one of the most powerful clubs in the world and still competed to play all the competitions.

Ever since they had Javier Aguirre and Quique Sanchez Flores at the helm, the squad was one of the great clubs in Spanish football.

However, Simeone’s arrival also came with a major economic uplifting that the manager took great advantage of.

He already won La Liga and lost two Champions League finals, but the fans obviously demand more from him.

The Colchoneros are no longer a poor club, they have enough liquidity to confront new challenges and play with a different style of football.

All the fans want is for the squad to show they are one of the powerful clubs in Europe.

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