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Simeone excited about his new arrivals

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Diego Simeone, the Atletico Madrid manager, admitted that he is really happy with his side’s new arrivals as Atletico brought Diego Costa and Vitolo after the transfer ban had ended.

The former Inter Milan player is certain that these two new players will help his team with further improvement and he is planning to let Diego Costa play alongside Antoine Griezmann. To be added, he is also very happy to have Vitolo on the team as this former Sevilla player can be a vital addition that will help to make the performances of the Madrid team more stable.

The former Argentina international spoke about these new players as he said, according to Goal: “The squad until December came together, making a great start to the season, especially in the league. The arrival of Costa and Vitolo empowers the group and gives us many more alternatives. Having them in this game gives us some possibilities.”

He continued by insisting that the upcoming match against Sevilla is going to be very difficult: “Sevilla are a cup team and have always done impressive things [in the Copa]. They have been hurt from their recent results, but they are a wonderful team and they are very dangerous, especially from the midfield and forwards. We will have to take the match to where we feel most comfortable. On paper the match against them is the most competitive [of the quarter-finals] and we have to pay attention to a team that has such good players.”

In the end, Diego Simeone claimed that he is very happy with his club’s new stadium: “We have a wonderful stadium, maybe the best in the world and day by day people are closer to us and participate more. We also feel more comfortable game by game and we feel it as our own stadium, which will lead to better things.”