Simeone explains his football philosophy

According to Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone, his style of play is very defined and says it has developed better over time.

Atletico Madrid had a fantastic pre-season, where the team won every single match is played.

And now, as the 2019-2020 Spanish La Liga approaches, manager Diego Simeone wanted to explain his style of play.

“We have a very defined style, one which we have developed in a more visible way at other clubs,” he explained to As.

“At Estudiantes, we implemented that style and it worked well – at Atletico Madrid too.”

“I believe that the core essence of the team is fully understood by everyone – a child, a club employee or an old man… all of them know that they are going to see a strong, intense team,” he continued.

“That is a principle which needs to be shaped and looked after, and the very essence has nothing to do with the way the team plays.”

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“Even with the best players around that shouldn’t change but it’s something can strengthen with the players we have right now,” he said.

“When coaches arrive at a club, we need to understand its history. If we don’t understand it, then we are destined to have a bad time. If I don’t feel that spirit, I leave.”

“From the first moment you accept to join a club, the best thing you can do and the most respectful thing to do is ask yourself: ‘What is the history behind this club?’,” he concluded.


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