Simeone explains the differences between Ronaldo & Messi

Diego Simeone opened up on the key differences between five-time Ballon d’Or winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The Atletico Madrid boss is one of the few unlucky coaches who has had to deal with both Ronaldo and Messi on a regular basis since taking charge at the Wanda Metropolitano in 2011.

Aside from facing them regularly in La Liga, Simeone has also had to contend with the duo in the Champions League over the past eight years.

Although, Atletico did get the better of Messi and Barcelona in both of their quarter-final meetings in 2014 and 2016. However, Ronaldo and Real Madrid defeated them in both finals.

Despite leaving Los Blancos last summer, Ronaldo came back to haunt Simeone in this season’s Champions League by scoring a sensational hat-trick to send Juventus through to the quarter-finals.

And now Simeone has given a detailed perspective on the major differences between Ronaldo and Messi.

“What I consider is that in a team with fewer solutions, Ronaldo is a better fit because he provides many solutions,” said Simeone, according to Marca.

“For a team which focuses on football, Messi is much better.

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“We are talking about very fine margins of how a team plays,” he stated.

“Ronaldo can decide a game in a different way, he doesn’t need ten attacks. He scored two headers against us and we were out,” the Atletico boss said.

Simeone added: “Both need a team but the differences are very small.

“Lionel, in an attacking team always plays better. The other [Ronaldo] can win a game in two actions, he simplifies the situations.

“Messi is mesmerising because he plays elaborate football.

“Leo plays in a team that compliments all of his talent. He always ends up finding solutions.”

Simeone had got himself into hot water last summer by implying he prefers Ronaldo over Messi in a leaked WhatsApp audio message during the 2018 World Cup.

EIBAR, SPAIN – APRIL 20: Head coach Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid reacts during the La Liga match between SD Eibar and Club Atletico de Madrid at Ipurua Municipal Stadium on April 20, 2019 in Eibar, Spain. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)


  1. one chapter man ,he was born ,lived and will die in Barcelona . Do any one questioned what Messi Got for his country, did anyone notice why messi is like faithful pappet remain with his barcelona and not try one time to go out ??? And here you compare him with CR7 ,who won Europe cup for his country ,played in all leages Serea A, La liga ,Premier leage ,and so ……did you see the difference between messi and Cr7 on self generousity ,support the poor ??? Do you really comparing Messi to Cr7 ??? Then question your mind and underestimate your judgment on football and players standard ,check your self what humanity means ,see what society and support …..
    Messi fans will do what they can to make him the best, but since he have only played for Barca, then how can you even compare him to CR7, unless we compare the two for the seasons they both played in La Liga and their career for their country, so let’s do that.

    Messi from 2009 – 2018. Goals 472 caps 486. 0.971 goal per cap
    For Argentina. Goals 81 caps 151. 0.536 per cap

    CR7 Real Madrid 2009 – 2018. Goals 451 caps 438. 1.029 per cap.
    For Portugal. Goals 85 caps 156. 0.544 goals per cap.

     what fact you guys talking about  ;that messi is a little scared baby not trying like the king out of  his boundaries , that he has no cup by any means for his country , that during his football period Argentina defeated like no period in the football history of barcelona , that messi was born, lived ,and will die on in Barcelona ;whild the king who is confident by his ability did not mind changing clubs , played at different leages of Europe , that he got European national Cup ,and he is not corrupted instead supports poor , gives his time for suffering nations and people…..;do you think you need more ,or should i just stop in saying “no surprise to be messi in 11 messi team mates”  
    Now that is how we compare players. If you guys cannot accept the real facts. Then go home and cry to your mama . Headed goals: CR7 100 Messi 22..Free kick goals: CR7 53 Messi 45…UCL goals: CR7 ??? Messi???….How can u compare Messi to the best CR7.

    • Actually…. Messi is just loyal to Barcelona just because they lost the CL doesn’t mean he’s not the best already. He plays good football along with CR7. Even though CR7 played in England, Spain and Italy, Messi remains the best. To be honest he could succeed in other leagues.

  2. Now of all those who have compared Messi and Christiano.
    Someone is the only one I have seen compare the two truelly and correctly without favouritism.
    I agree with his analysis 100 percent.
    Even if am more of a Christiano fan.

  3. Bereket, first of all Ronaldo only played for teams that very much capable of winning the domestic cups and champions legue. Man U , Real Madrid and Juventus. If you are saying Ronaldo is not scared of challenges then why didnt he join teams like Arsenal, Valencia, Parma etc. This proves that he loves going where challenges can be overcome with ease. Take nothing from that man he is brilliant and a legend but i disagree when you say he like challenges. Now about Messi, i dont think he is keen to prove to the world that he is the best, thats why he stays where he feels its comfortable for him, he played a big role from an early age to make Barca the team that it is today.If Sterlin can do wonders for Man City, i dont see why Messi cant do it.Simeone explained the difference between these two legends in the best way possible.


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