Simeone has no doubts Messi will play the 2022 World Cup

During the long interview he offered to Fox Sports, Diego Simeone came out to defend Lionel Messi and said he will be in the next World Cup.

It was only 11 months ago when a recording of Diego Simeone talking to Hernan Burgos about Lionel Messi was made public, it was right after Argentine got eliminated by France.

In that tape, ‘Cholo’ confesses that he preferred having Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi in any of his teams.

His argument was that Ronaldo was more reliable when it came to confronting crucial matches, whereas Messi needed a whole structure around him in order to win matches.

This was regarded as a direct attack against the Barcelona star, one that Simeone attempted to reverse over the last year.

Even though the Atletico Madrid manager thinks in this way about Lionel Messi, he doesn’t want people thinking that he believes Leo is not good for Argentina.

The reality is quite the opposite actually, ‘Cholo’ knows that Messi is the best player his national team has at the moment and over the last decade.

The Argentine manager is convinced of Leo’s commitment with his national team, to the point where he believes Messi will make it to the 2022 World Cup.

It won’t matter if he is 34 or 35 years old, Simeone doesn’t believe Messi will give up that easy on his dream of winning something with Argentina.

“I have no doubt that Messi will be in Qatar, the World Cup is what he wants and needs the most,” said Diego in the interview.

“As I see him in Spain every week, Messi only cares about winning and he doesn’t care about comparisons. All he wants is to win.”

“You put him in a position that enhances him as a player, and he will go out there to win. He plays.”

“He scores goals, maybe they weren’t going to win the Champions League and Copa del Rey this season after that terrible night at Anfield.”

“Messi doesn’t see what’s going on around him. All Leo cares about is scoring goals and winning. I have no doubt about this.”

“If you enhance him, he will play at his best. Barcelona’s system is not the most appropriate for him right now and yet he still scored 200 million goals every season.”

“Leo wants to score goals, and more goals, and more goals, and he only wants to win. He’s that the personality and the potential to accomplish that, he can solve a game at any given moment but he needs a squad that can guarantee him trust and confidence.”

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“Messi’s category adapts him to any situation that can help him win, I already see that in Spain when Luis Suarez plays beside him with a 4-4-2 formation up top.”

“Anything that can help him generate confidence and trust up top, will help him win because he is a different player,” he continued.

Simeone added: “You can see the Barcelona squads where he plays, he does it with a 4-4-2 and with Luis Enrique’s 4-3-3.”

“The adaptation to any system is right there. We need to find solutions in order to have a good team that can use the Messi card properly and exploit it in the best possible manner.”

“We have no idea what happens daily within the national team between the players. Sometimes blaming things on one player is not the best way to act.”

“I believe that guilt should be divided between everybody. Messi possibly transmits the feeling and the rest of the players can’t absorb the message.”

“But the players are the only ones who know this. Di Maria’s first half against Colombia wasn’t normal.”

“He had an extraordinary season but he couldn’t perform last Saturday. Perhaps the injuries he’s suffered got to his head and they are part of the player now.”

“Messi needs a team with more talent and higher confidence. But the improvement of the national team should be a group effort, it needs of every single player who can add something positive to the team,” he concluded.

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