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Simeone is not surprised with Juventus’ interest in Godin

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone, knows perfectly how coveted defender Diego Godin is by other big clubs in Europe. He is not worried about a possible exit.

Now that Juventus is on the hunt to get the best squad possible that can accompany Cristiano Ronaldo, rumors of the Italian club seeking Diego Godin from Atletico Madrid have surfaced. However, these speculations do not worry Colchonero’s manager Diego Simeone because he knows the project he is leading for the upcoming season is just as solid as the ones the biggest clubs in Europe have planned.

When questioned about the rumors that link the Uruguay defender to Juventus, ‘Cholo’ didn’t even blink when he responded that he believes it’s only natural that the biggest clubs in Europe could be after one of his skippers. Simeone doesn’t think that Diego Godin wants to leave the club this summer, especially during such a special time in which they will compete to win all the trophies like never before.

“It’s normal, we’re used to the fact that the best players want to go to the best teams. So, it does not surprise me at all. It’s not just Godin but also true for the big players. I can say that this club is growing, it wants to compete with the best clubs in the world. This is going to be an exciting year for our supporters,” Simeone said during a press conference right before today’s International Champions Cup match against English club Arsenal FC.

In fact, the Argentine manager knows that this season will be huge for the Spanish club because this is one of the very first seasons in which the club doesn’t sell players and have only brought new talent to contribute for La Liga title shot. Atletico Madrid’s status today helps them get more quality players that want to sign for the club rather than leave it, that means the Colchoneros have evolved into a more competitive side.