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Simon Jordan offers Mike Ashley words of wisdom

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The former Crystal Palace owners says that Mike Ashley needs to lower his expectations if he really wants to sell Newcastle United.

For quite some time, Mike Ashley has been looking for a suitable buyer who can get Newcastle United off his hands. So far however, no one has been able to buy the club despite serious interest.

And former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan says that no one will ever consider buying the Magpies if Mike Ashley doesn’t lower the asking rate.

While speaking to talkSPORT, as reported by the Express, Jordan said that it is not easy to buy or sell a club in England.

“He wants a certain figure and he’s not able to get it,” Jordan says.

“I think that figure is just short of £350m, which is what he thinks the club owes him and what it probably does owe him.

“How many football clubs have you seen being bought in this country for £350m? There is the problem.

“We get to hear how much Manchester United is worth, how much Arsenal are worth, how much Liverpool are worth – but nobody’s buying them.

“Without defending Mike Ashley, I think he’d run out the door if he got a sensible offer.

“From what I gather, there’s a lot of noise coming out from people about what they will or won’t do, but no one’s coming up with the money.

“I’m not defending Mike, I think he should try harder to come up with a solution to get out of that football club – because it does the football club no good and it does him no good.”

A few months ago, Dubai-based billionaire, Sheikh Khaled was keen on buying the club. However, nothing has happened since then. At present, Mike Ashley hasn’t announced a new manager while they have lost Ayoze Perez to Leicester City.