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Simon Mignolet states his reason to quit Liverpool

Simon Mignolet
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Simon Mignolet revealed that it was impossible for him to make way into Jurgen Klopp’s plans.

Simon Mignolet moved to Liverpool from Sunderland in 2013. The goalkeeper enjoyed as the first choice shot-stopper for the Reds before being replaced by the new signings. The Belgian eventually moved back to his homeland after seeing a significant decrease in his playing time.

Speaking with Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg, Mignolet revealed the reasoning behind his decision to leave the Anfield. The 31-year old said it ‘impossible’ to convince Jurgen Klopp to make a place for him in the team.

“Indeed. If I could really fight for my place, I might have stayed. But if I had ended up in goal if Alisson picked up injury, I would be allowed to push ten shots out of the box,” Mingolet said.

“Then Alisson could immediately claim his place again. And even if he pushed the ball into his own goal, he would still retain [his place in the starting XI]. What sense did it make for me?”

“No, because I knew that the opportunity existed. I haven’t thought once: ‘S**t, now Liverpool is in the Premier League race and I’m gone.’ Of course, I could have stayed with Liverpool to earn my money, challenge for the league title and the Champions League.

“However, as long as you are not on the starting XI yourself, a price feels different. So I would rather play in the starter at Club Brugge than grabbing the English title as a substitute at Liverpool.”