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Sir Alex Ferguson – makes a terminally ill fan’s dream come true

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United
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Sir Alex Ferguson kindly obliged when he found out that a terminally ill Manchester United fan was in the hospital he was visiting

Sir Alex Ferguson is a perfect picture of everything that is good about Manchester United.

Not only is he their greatest ever manager, but he is also probably their greatest ever ambassador too.

We live in a day and age of young footballers who have more money than sense and forget from whence they came.

However, there is a man who has won more than most of them combined. A man who almost always has the time day for those who cheered him on and ultimately paid his wages.

Sir Alex Ferguson never forgets his beloved Manchester United’s fans.

So when he was visiting a local Manchester hospital on personal business, and he got wind of a United fan who was terminally ill.

Fergie did what only Fergie would do.

He put his own business on hold for a little while and made this fan’s dreams come true.

According to Manchester Evening News32 -year old Damien Nixon has terminal cancer and has been given less than 12 months to live.

His wife Samantha said of the meeting:

“Fergie said, ‘where is he?’ and he came straight away to Damien’s room.”

“Damien’s reaction was just unbelievable.”

“To be in the hospital with his own personal matters and take time out to come and spend a moment with Damien is the sign of a very special man.”

Sir Alex Ferguson, we salute you!