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Sir Alex Ferguson praises Messi but confirms: “Ronaldo is my boy”

Ronaldo, Ferguson
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During a recent interview on Sky Sports, Sir Alex Ferguson spoke about the impact Messi had in football but reminded us Ronaldo is his boy. 

There is no way you’ll ever hear Sir Alex Ferguson saying Messi is better than Ronaldo, who is like a son to him. After being part of the contingent that helped bring Cristiano back to Old Trafford, Sir Alex is enjoying life by watching him play from the stands. But when it comes to making that hideous comparison between the two players, Sir Alex always give mad props to Leo Messi.

Even though he understands the complexity of their rivalry, he will always place one player over the other. We all know how biased Sir Alex Ferguson will be with Ronaldo, who is a soft spot for the Scotsman. But looking at the numbers of both players, you can’t deny choosing one player from the two is nearly impossible. Both of them have historic records that will likely remain in the history books until the end of times. For Ferguson, that smile on his face when he speaks about Ronaldo is simply priceless. He’s clearly a proud dad. 

Ferguson still gives props to Leo Messi.

This is exactly what Sir Alex Ferguson said about the Ronaldo vs Messi debate: “It’s an opinion that over a hundred managers in the world would say their preferred player where this exaggeration of a world-class player. The reason I say this about Messi and Ronaldo is their consistency, first of all. Their balance and their courage. They never dented by a tackle. Both of them get up and ask for the ball.

Then there’s the goals they score alongside the level they are playing at that gave them all those medals. It all points to one thing: these two guys are above everyone. And I think everyone would agree with me. There’s no question about that. Both are fantastic to watch and they never miss a game. I think probably they’ve missed one or two games but they play all the time. They’re giving value to everyone in the world by playing all the time. But I gotta say that Ronaldo is my boy.”