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Sir Alex Ferguson predicted Jurgen Klopp’s success

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Thanks to a column written this Sunday by Jamie Carragher, we could know when exactly Sir Alex Ferguson predict Jurgen Klopp’s success.

We have experienced one of the most competitive managers finally reach the top of the world with Jurgen Klopp, but Sir Alex Ferguson already knew his worth.

The Manchester United legendary former manager met Klopp way back when the German coach still managed Borussia Dortmund.

Liverpool’s own Kamie Carragher actually wrote his account about the day in which ‘Fergie’ told him that Klopp was something special.

It was two years ago when Jamie visited Old Trafford as a football pundit, Ferguson revealed the day he met Klopp.

It was at one of those UEFA managers’ summits, the Scotsman was very impressed with Jurgen’s confidence and vast knowledge about several topics related to football.

But his demeanor in front of several legendary managers during that summit is what took the Scotsman by surprise.

Jurgen Klopp behaved very naturally when he was sharing the spotlight with many of these powerhouses.

Since that moment on, Sir Alex Ferguson knew how special Klopp was and how much he would give to football.

Carragher wrote an account about Ferguson telling him about that summit, something that kept Jamie guessing.

“I can recall the moment when I became genuinely excited about what Jurgen Klopp would bring to Liverpool,” wrote Jamie on The Telegraph.

“It was not just his work in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund, thrilling as that was.”

“Nor was it that his natural enthusiasm and personality was so perfect for Anfield, which he demonstrated upon arrival.”

“There is more to being a great manager than charm and personality. The true endorsement came on a visit to Old Trafford a couple of years ago.”

“I was invited to play in Michael Carrick’s testimonial and had the chance to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson.”

“I had read Fergie’s complimentary remarks about the Liverpool manager, so wanted to hear more. ‘He’s got something about him. He is very confident,’ Sir Alex told me.”

“There was a look of genuine admiration for Klopp, accompanied by that added hint of concern, telling me all I needed. ‘If Fergie is worried, this guy must be the real deal,’ I thought.”

“Sir Alex explained he had met Klopp at one of the Uefa managerial conferences, where the elite coaches sit on a forum to discuss the direction of the game.”

“Klopp, still a relatively young coach at the time, attended as Dortmund manager and was not in awe of the successful, more illustrious names around him.”

“On the contrary, he was opinionated, forthright and, by all accounts, deeply impressive on a range of subjects. Sir Alex noted it,” he added.

Carragher couldn’t help but ask Klopp about this.

The Liverpool legend kept having this revelation from Sir Alex Ferguson on his head, he needed to know Jurgen Klopp’s experience from the summit.

The former Liverpool player had a chance to speak to the manager recently in the ‘Match of the Day’ show for the BBC, where he didn’t hesitate to ask him about it.

Klopp revealed that the only reason he attended that first time was to see if there were any managers who were better than him.

Jamie was surprised by Jurgen’s explanation, the German manager revealed that he didn’t find any other manager who posed a real threat to him and that’s why he never attended those summits again.

This type of response is a perfect representation of Klopp’s mentality, and also of his incredible self-confidence.

The Reds’ manager finally fulfilled Ferguson’s prophecy and he has the whole world eating out of the palm of his hand.

Even Jamie Carragher acknowledges that Jurgen is Liverpool’s most important figure inside the club since Steven Gerrard left the institution.

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