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Slide tackles, bangers, and poo – an update on the toilet paper challenge

Toilet paper challenge
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The toilet paper challenge appears to be on the up and up as footballers all over the globe on lockdown are taking it up a level.

The latest craze gripping couped up footballers is the “toilet paper” challenge.

We have seen it done to perfection by the greats, like Xavi and Fernandes, while we have seen some struggle to reach the necessary standards.

There have been those who demonstrated abject failure and will probably hide away in shame over the course of their quarantine.

Today we have an update.

The likes of Felipe Melo realized his limitations but put a whole new spin on it.

What a tackle, but I detect it may have been studs up!

Then there was Chelsea’s Mason Mount, to whom juggling the loo role was not enough, he added a banger to go with it.

What a goal!

Then all be it little know Northampton Town player Nicky Adams got in on the action, but it didn’t quite go to plan.

One word, poo!

Of course, being young and out to impress the boss, Liverpool Harvey Elliott gave us a perfect rendition.