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Sneijder – I could have been just like Messi and Ronaldo

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Wesley Sneijder insists he could have been just as good as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo if he wanted to.

Sneijder retired from football only this year at the age of 35.

He is convinced that, if he had the desire and determination, he could have reached the dazzling heights of the greats.

The Dutchman had a successful and illustrious career, but it pales in comparison to Messi and Ronaldo.

He achieved all that was available from a team perspective, but the personal accolades just never materialized.

Sneijder feels that it is his own doing and it was his choice.

In an interview with Fox Sports NL, Sneijder is adamant he has no regrets, he simply did what he enjoyed and made him happy, it just wasn’t 100% about football to him.

“I have to be honest and admit that I could have been mentioned in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo if I had been 100 per cent committed.”

“But I did not want to do that and I have no regrets about it.”

” It’s not that I didn’t have it in me, but I simply didn’t want to do it.”

“I enjoyed my footballing career as it was, both on and off the pitch.”