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Snodgrass explains his struggles at West Ham

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The player just signed a new contract which will make him remain with the Hammers until 2021 with a further 12-month optional extension.

When Robert Snodgrass joined West Ham United from Hull City, his career with the Hammers was hell.

He struggled with his form and was loaned to Aston Villa where he was far away from his family.

But now he has signed a new contract with the Hammers, as he explains why he struggled so hard at his club.

“Manuel Pellegrini told me ‘you shouldn’t be playing in the Championship. You’re a Premier League player, you deserve a chance’,” Snodgrass told Football London.

“That was all I asked for. If I never took it then I’d have myself to blame, simple as that. When things don’t go to plan, just look at yourself, that’s the best advice I can give anybody.”

“Always listen and learn, it’s a process where every day is a learning day, I still am of the manager and coaching staff,” he added.

“Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve always done well. I believe in myself, work hard, listen, learn.”

Snodgrass explained: “One thing I didn’t have was a fair crack at it which I don’t feel like I did in that first six months with West Ham.”

“It was because the move happened quick, I didn’t have my family, my kids around, then when I was settled and clubs came in for me on loan, the club was for it and I was like ‘let’s go’ and it was one of the best years of my life at Aston Villa.”

“It was all new to me, being on loan. The fans, the teammates, I had a terrific time and we were only one game away from what we wanted to achieve,” he continued.

“I came back strong and mentally ready to try and show the fans what I was all about because I believe I didn’t get a fair chance before.”