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Snooping Sky reveals United tactics to the world.

ole gunnar solskjaer, manchester united
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Manchester United will be furious with Sky Sports after a snooping camera shot revealed tactical images for the whole world to see.

Ever wonder what kind of tactics your team has or even the opposition has?

Maybe the cameraman employed by Sky Sports today is an avid City fan out for revenge.

Or a Chelsea fan trying to make sure United don’t close the gap on his faltering team.

Perhaps he is even a super enthusiastic United fan wondering what Ole’s planning while he’s at the wheel

Whoever it was and whatever his reason Manchester United must be furious, to say the least.

A Sky Sports cameraman took the liberty of filming today. Then worse still televised his findings.

Some tactical images from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s playbook.

As United trailed 0-1 to Everton, Solskjaer was readying a crucial change.

As the Norwegian was organizing his substitution.

Mason Greenwood was getting a last-minute glimpse of some tactics before entering the game.

A camera somehow zoomed-in behind the player’s shoulder.

The focus was on some tactical images in the playbook.

The images will mean little to the average fan. However, it will make for interesting reading for opponents.

It will be interesting to see United and Solsklaers take on the snooping.