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“So-called experts” make things up about Bale

Gareth Bale
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Gareth Bale’s agent has hit out at “so-called” experts in the press making up lies about his client and his Real Madrid career.

Welsh winger Gareth Bale’s future at Real Madrid has never been far from the headlines.

There is the player’s rumored inability to adapt to life in Spain.

Then a strained relationship with his managers.

Of course, who can forget the “Wales, Golf, Madrid in that order” debacle.

Then his injury record, which has seen him play in only 50 percent of the games he has been on the books for Los Blancos.

His agent recently suggested that given the value of his client’s contract Bale may even retire in Madrid.

This apparently did not help matters and now Jonathan Barnett has had enough of the former Spurs man being bashed and spoken out.

He told Talk Sport he is sick of the lies.

Barnett said:

Barnett told Talk Sport: 

“Nothing bad has ever come out of Real Madrid about Gareth Bale, and Zidane has never said anything bad about Gareth Bale.”

“But the press keep on making things up.”

“So-called ‘experts’ come on television time and time again.”

“They say things like ‘the biggest problem with Gareth Bale is that he doesn’t speak Spanish, and it’s a disgrace.”

“Those people have never met him, and never asked anybody, so I have no idea where they get this opinion.”

“Gareth Bale speaks Spanish.”

“So I don’t want to hear these so-called ‘experts’ who make complete idiots of themselves when they come on TV to speak rubbish.”

“I blame the TV companies for bringing these so-called ‘experts’ on.”

“It’s a joke!”

Despite all this Bale is still one of the favorites to leave Real Madrid this summer along with a few others.