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Solari doesn’t want to talk about his future right now

Santiago Solari
Getty Images

Manager Santiago Solari refused to talk about his future in detail, he praised Isco one more time and described Real Madrid’s mentality.

Ahead of Real Madrid’s first Club World Cup match against Kashima Antlers from Japan, manager Santiago Solari gave the press conference ahead of the match and discussed some important topics that the press couldn’t help but ask him.

During the exchange, the media wanted to know his current stance with Isco Alarcon, what he expected from the match on Wednesday, and also about his future in the club now that Jose Mourinho is a free agent again after getting sacked at Manchester United.

The very first pressing was about Jose Mourinho’s sacking, Solari didn’t respond directly but he did say: “I identify with all that Real Madrid represents,” he responded via Marca.

“We must be a team which dominates the game, attacks, goes for victory, scores goals, and never gives in. To achieve that you must work on a lot of things; tactical, technical, physical,” he added.

About his future, Solari mentioned that he has the very same stance from the very first days in the club, he thinks nobody is essential and he knows that he could always be replaced but he is enjoying the ride while it lasts.

“I feel the same as when I arrived here to work as a coach, and further back as a player,” Solari continued. “That is to give everything in my job every day; that is my way of viewing football.”

Finally, about Isco Alarcon’s particular situation, Solari said: “The most important is that everyone is working at 100%. The great majority of them are doing that, working very hard, and they are very enthusiastic about this competition,” he concluded.