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Solari feels sorry for those who just discovered Benzema

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After Karim Benzema took Real Madrid to the Copa del Rey semifinals, manager Santiago Solari feels sorry for the ones who just discovered him.

The talk of the night has been all about Kari Benzema and the level of performance he’s reached recently at Real Madrid, the French forward has been intermittent throughout his time for Los Blancos but his quality has always been there.

As one of the most elegant strikers in recent football history, it’s no secret that Benzema at his best can be considered amongst the best players in the world and it appears that Ronaldo’s absence has given him more room to blossom.

But for some reason there have been several critics who have always come after the player, they argue that he has always been unreliable and they believe there are many more centre-forwards who are better than he is.

But Benzema has never really cared about the outside noise, all he is concerned with is playing football and helping out Real Madrid when the club needs him the most.

This Thursday against Girona, the striker really did prove that he can be this squad’s leader and he has the ability to merge with all the other players as a team in order to get the best possible results.

The praise for him has been non-stop, but manager Santiago Solari doesn’t seem to understand why this is.

During the press conference after the match, Solari was ironic when he spoke about this sudden admiration from the media toward Karim Benzema.

“I’m sorry for those who have discovered Benzema last week,” he said via Diario AS.

“But hey, they still have time to enjoy him, he is in a great moment, it’s true.”

“The players who come out of injury have to find their rhythm,” he said.

“But now we are all recovered and the truth is that I wish there were more changes [substitutions] in football, not just three, because I want to see everyone.”

“Now we start mixing the competitions, but it’s normal if we want to aspire to everything, which is why it’s important to have all the players.”

“We are going to give the fight on all fronts and the players know it more than me, because it is the registered trademark of the club.”

“Real Madrid is always there, it’s always waiting for you, that competitive spirit is carried by this team, it’s a team of warriors and winners, our challenge is to keep doing it.”

“It’s a hypothesis that will be unveiled tomorrow [when the draw is made],” Solari continued.

“It’s normal, when you aspire to win everything you have to prepare to face all the fronts and for that you need all the players to be involved, as they are.”

But this same thing happens every single season with the French forward, he plunges his level of performance at a certain stage of the season and he suddenly starts playing like an angel.

That praise remains for a few months and then he suddenly disappears again, there is no consistency in Benzema and that is exactly what the critics demand from him.

Any person who loves appreciating the best players in the world wants them to keep the same level throughout the whole season, but that seems like a lot to ask from any professional.

Only a handful of players in the world can remain linear in their performances, Karim Benzema is not one of those few fortunate professionals who seem to take their job more seriously.

Solari knows very well what the media asks from the French striker, it’s normal that he wanted to come out and defend him when things are working out perfectly for the squad.

The trick is to wait and see if the Argentine manager defends his player when he is not performing, that’s when we’ll know how valuable he really is.

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