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Solari is happy for Real Madrid’s position despite the draw

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After the unexpected draw against Villarreal and ahead of the upcoming match against Real Sociedad, Santiago Solari doesn’t look worried.

When manager Santiago Solari took his new role as the Real Madrid manager after Julen Lopetegui was sacked, there was a clear feeling from him that he was just lucky to be called for the job.

Even after winning the FIFA Club World Cup, reports from Diario AS suggest that the club’s board of directors is still very unhappy with the way in which things are progressing inside the club and there is a certain level of mistrust for the players.

But the manager doesn’t seem to be that rattled for the lack of results, instead of watching the glass half empty he wants to see it half full.

As Real Madrid is getting ready to face Real Sociedad in a few hours at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the manager tried to calm everybody down and remind them that they have climbed positions since he took the job and the results really aren’t that bad.

The Argentine wanted to remind the press that the other clubs also play their competition, which is a subtle hint at the possibility of maybe losing a few more points during the start of 2019 due to the state of the squad.

“The calendar is very intense because you have a game every three days in different competitions,” said Solari via Diario AS.

“The important thing is to maintain energy and to recover from injuries and it’s important not to suffer more injuries.”

“The players aren’t machines and to play a game every three days is difficult. In the league, the objective is to climb and to go from 9th to 4th is difficult, you have to keep cutting it down and fight to the end. In adversity is where you see the character.”

“The objective is to climb, we are conscious that the start wasn’t easy. We have gone from 9th to 4th position and you have to keep going, keep cutting it down, you have to fight, take up the challenge and the difficult situation, that is the character of a winner.”

“We are happy with what we are doing, you have to keep cutting the lead down, we are clear on that. That’s just the mathematics about it.”

“That is the competition, all of the teams compete, we have one of the most competitive leagues, and here nobody gifts you anything, anyone can beat anyone,” added Solari about the result against Villarreal.

“It’s difficult for everyone to pick up points. You can’t underestimate draws, we have to win all the games but the competition is wide open.”

“You have to give in every battle. We did well in the first half against Villarreal and in the second half, we struggled to kill off the game and we came away with a point and not three. We hope to come away with all three against Real Sociedad,” he concluded.

The board of directors has already made peace with the notion that many of the players may not have what it takes to keep fighting for trophies this season, that includes the ones who have suffered injuries this season such as Gareth Bale’s case and other situations that are more related to a lack of motivation (we are looking at Isco).

Santiago Solari fully understands how the dressing room is working right about now, which is why he doesn’t really seem as preoccupied as other managers would be because he knows that his position was never a sure thing in the first place.

With FC Barcelona 7 points ahead of Real Madrid this early in the season, the odds of reaching them at this point seem very unlikely and even more so after the display that Los Blancos offered against Villarreal.

While the upcoming match at the Bernabeu might end up with a positive result, the main problem is the way in which the players are reacting when they travel to other stadiums.

The calendar may not look as challenging for Los Blancos in the upcoming month, but none of that matters if the players are not motivated.

What do you think the Real Madrid players need in order to feel motivated again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.