Solari talks about Ramos and company

The Real Madrid captain will be making his 600th appearance for the club tomorrow, then they play against Ajax.

Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid are set to play against Dutch Eredivisie club Ajax in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

And this means that Los Blancos captain Sergio Ramos will make his 600th appearance for the club.

“Playing 600 games for Real Madrid is not easy,” manager Santiago Solari told Sky Sports during a press conference.

“This historic Real Madrid has the stamp of his character so we hope he can play many more games for Real Madrid.”

“Marcelo is great – he’s our vice-captain and an emblem of the club,” Solari added about the Brazilian.

“He has always put the club first and he is training well, like all the other players. As I said, he’s great and we all like him. He works hard in every training session.”

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“That’s what this profession is like, in football you have one game and another. Then when you lose it’s terrible, when you win it’s fine,” Solari continued.

“Day today, on the inside, we want to compete – and on the next day too. Tomorrow is very important for this competition and this is where we focus. Other things, we don’t pay a lot of attention to it as managers and players and it’s right to be like this.”

“I don’t think it’s a bad period for them, I don’t agree. I think they are having a good season. I’ve seen a lot of games and they play well, construct the play well and they have great players. This is football. There is always an opponent and you have to respect them all, just like the teams Ajax have played,” he added.

“I hope we play a game with a serious performance as we did three days ago, that’s my maximum hope. Football is a day to day work. All we have to live for is the game tomorrow.”


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