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Solskjaer describes the ideal player for Manchester United

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During an interview with Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer explained the type of players the club will pursue in the transfer market window.

The transfer market window for English clubs has officially opened this Thursday and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a lot of work at Manchester United.

The manager spoke directly to the club’s communication staff about what he will be looking for in players who can play in the squad.

Apart from the obvious quality as players that every single name on his list must have, Ole also want to go for a certain profile that fits with the club’s tradition.

Manchester United has been a club that prides itself for having some of the most recognized professionals in English football.

Sir Alex Ferguson came to the club back in the ’80s to change things from the very core, he got rid of all the rotten apples and build one of the most successful football clubs in modern history.

When the Scottish manager left, many of these traditions started getting lost through the years and the club is trying to find it’s way back to those glory days.

The best way to describe what Manchester United wants in a new player comes during a match at Old Trafford.

The fans are the ones who love to grade the performances of every single footballer, they do it every single week in all the competitions.

Solskjaer takes the example from his days as a player.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a former Manchester United player who actually knows first-hand what it means to be a part of this club.

The Norwegian striker spent time with some of the biggest names in the club’s history over the years he remained at the club.

The boss had first-row tickets to the development of players who became true professionals of this sport at Manchester United.

Ole understands that the Red Devils don’t only want players who can kick a football and remain fit, he is also looking for good people who understand the value of dedication or hard work.

“We’ve touched upon it [before],” he explained on the Manchester United official website.

“We’ve tried to educate our players and our kids to be proper people. In my years, the best players have always been the best people.”

”You have to have that value system – do you say that? A certain kind of attitude about you to make a Manchester United player.”

“You have got to have qualities and our fans want to see exciting players. We want to get up from our seats. You see defenders who defend, like that’s their life, that’s the most important thing.”

”When we go to press with Jesse [Lingard] and Marcus [Rashford], in the games against Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool and Chelsea, when we start these games, our fans clap a striker making a tackle.”

“That’s the way it’s been and in our culture. You have to have that work ethic and we’re scouting the market trying to find the right ones.”

If this is the case, then Pogba’s days are numbered.

Given how things have developed over the last few weeks with Paul Pogba, Manchester United appear to have finally understood that the Frenchman must leave the institution.

They obviously wouldn’t want him to leave the club but they would love to have players who actually want to remain there rather than keep looking constantly over their shoulder.

The Red Devils don’t want players who are always trying to get something out of the club whenever they can.

The players who want to play for United need to understand what a privilege it is to be a part of this institution.

If Paul Pogba hasn’t understood that essential part of the job at this point, then there is no reason for him to stay.

You can say whatever you want about Paul’s quality as a player, but he clearly doesn’t have that Manchester United DNA that Solskjaer just described.

Which players could fit into that personality that Manchester United is looking for on the transfer market? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.