Solskjaer gets in on the FA Cup joke against Alan Shearer

Seems like every single Alan Shearer contemporary loves reminding the Newcastle star that he never won the FA Cup in his career.

It’s no secret that Alan Shearer is arguably the greatest goal-scorer in Premier League history, the former Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers striker was one of the greatest players the new format has ever seen but he wasn’t that lucky in the FA Cup.

Throughout his career as a professional, Alan Shearer played two consecutive FA Cup finals between 1997 and 1999 which he lost against Arsenal and Manchester United.

The English player was coming from a fantastic run with Blackburn Rovers where he won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season, then he moved to Newcastle United where he continued to grow his legend status as one of the best players in the competition’s history.

However, Alan was very unlucky when it came to playing the oldest competition in football history.

These failures have brought him a lost of shtick from fellow former English striker Gary Lineker, who did get to win one FA Cup during his time as a Tottenham Hotspur player in 1991 and keeps a very close friendship with Alan.

Every single time both of them get to present the pre or aftershow of any FA Cup match, Lineker has never missed an opportunity to mock Shearer for never winning the tournament on BBC Sports. 

Ever since 2016 when both players get to present the program on BBC Sport, Lineker always finds ingenious ways to remind Alan Shearer that he never won this competition despite the fact that Lineker himself never won a Premier League trophy throughout his career.

This comedy gag remains as one of the most entertaining moments of the show that Gary Lineker gets to present when Alan Shearer is a guest, the former Newcastle striker can take a joke and always laughs off the moment in which Gary puts him on the spot.

Alan being such a good sport about it has a lot to do with the fact that the former player is actually a bonified Premier League legend, we are certain that he wouldn’t like getting mocked as much if he wasn’t such an accomplished football legend on his own.

Lineker has always remained a witty presenter throughout his years, he’s become a well-established figure in British television and arguably the former player who has enjoyed the biggest success in the media after he retired from football.

But there was a moment that was completely unscripted this past Monday after Manchester United defeated Chelsea in the FA Cup, it happened when the BBC program interviewed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the match.

The Norwegian manager also keeps a good relationship with Shearer and Lineker, does like a bit of banter and he decided to get in on the joke without any type of warning to anyone on the studio.

Ole started talking about the victory against Chelsea and he quickly turned the attention on an unprepared Shearer: “The FA Cup is one of the best trophies you can win. “I played in 1999 and I think Alan, you also played!” joked Ole without even flinching.

Shearer took the joke well and responded by saying: “Thanks Ole I was having a great night until then!” said Alan as Gary Lineker was cracking up next to him during the live broadcast.

This bittersweet trip down memory lane was something that Lineker really appreciated because he never planned for it with Solskjaer and it simply happened organically, the presenter finished the interview by saying: “Thanks very much for reminding us that Alan Shearer never won the FA Cup,” finished Lineker before ending the interview.

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