Solskjaer goes eight for eight against Arsenal in the FA Cup

Eighth consecutive victory for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the Manchester United manager, the Red Devils beat Arsenal in the FA Cup at the Emirates.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is quite possibly making the most spectacular audition for a club in football history, his latest FA Cup victory against Arsenal on Friday gave him an unheard eight victories on his first eight matches as a manager for the Red Devils.

Hands down, the Norwegian manager already has the best start for any manager in English football history and perhaps one of the final reasons for Manchester United’s board to offer the new boss a contract to remain at the club indefinitely.

The game itself was already hyped by Ole himself, he remembered that they would play against Arsenal on the same day that they defeated the Gunners in 1999 when they were fighting to win that treble.

Football wrote another amazing story this Friday, as the Red Devils played dominant football against the Gunners and honored that historic night in which both Peter Schmeichel and Ryan Giggs were the heroes.

Solskjaer keeps proving that he was specifically tailored to manage this club with little details like this one, but he double confirmed it with the way in which the Manchester United players performed at the Emirates tonight.

With a North London stadium filled with mostly Arsenal supporters, the Red Devils started the first half very strong.

They needed a few minutes to get settled to the rhythm that the Gunners were imposing on the game, Paul Pogba’s role gained more notoriety as he dedicated his time to try and own as much terrain as he could on midfield by destroying Arsenal’s creation area and making his teammates move in time to send them any ball he recovered forward.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also had a personal plan of his own, his main goal for this match was to recover both Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku in a single match.

It took both players half an hour to let the manager know that they are more than willing to keep growing alongside him and all the rest of the players, Lukaku did it with two beautiful assists and Alexis scored the first goal of the match.

Just after the 30-minute mark, the Belgian striker took a ball in the outskirts and seemed like he was going to take the shot but surprised everyone by sending a subtle assist to Alexis between the line of defenders.

The Chilean forward dribbled Petr Cech and scored at will with nobody left to stop him, he decided to not celebrate the goal out of respect for his former club.

Only a few minutes after this first goal, Lukaku did it again as he found Jesse Lingard in a counter-attack that gave the Red Devils a two-goal advantage.

The Gunners were stunned, but they did respond before the break thanks to an Aubameyang goal that put them right back in the game.

The second half gave us a much more competed performance from both sides, Arsenal kept trying to score but the Manchester United midfield seemed to have the defensive coverage on point at all times.

The dominance from the Red Devils reached a tipping point that started to frustrate some of the Arsenal players, the final ten minutes were crucial because the Gunners could still tie the game and a moment of brilliance needed to take place from either side.

This was the perfect moment for Paul Pogba to appear, he recovered yet another ball in midfield and charged forward with a serious advantage.

As Marcus Rashford was accompanying him on the right and Anthony Martial on the left, Paul decided to take a potent shot that Petr Cech rejected but left the ball loose for Martial to get in and send to the back of the net.

This goal was the final nail in Arsenal’s coffin, Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have done it again and they are now in the FA Cup’s fifth round.

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