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Solskjaer hopes for less talk of his future after recent results

ole gunnar solskjaer, manchester united
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Ole Gunnar Solskajer is hoping that there will be less talk of his future at Manchester United and more on the football following recent results.

Solskjaer’s future as Manchester United manager is probably one of the highest consumers of column inches up until now this football season.

United have languished in the bottom half of the table, found themselves closer to the relegation zone than the top six and shown form that is mid-table at best.

The blame for this predicament has fallen squarely on the shoulders of the manager.

While Solskajer has always insisted he has the backing of the club and the plan is long term many have speculated that time is running out.

The availability of long-time target Mauricio Pochettino only heightened speculation.

As well as one-time candidate Massimiliano Allegri stating he is learning English only adding fuel to the fire.

However, recent results against top teams have many believing that he may be afforded more time.

In an interview with Norwegian TV reported by The Daily Mail, the man himself is hoping that this will now push people to focus on the club’s football and not his future.

He said:

“This week might cause people to talk a bit less, and for me, it’s always more fun to talk about things other than critique or speculations.”

” I find it unnecessary when I know what we are doing and trying to do, and what we have planned going forward.”

It appears he has the backing of the fans too!