Solskjaer reveals the secret to purchasing the ideal player

Caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer broke down the transfer policy that the club has to follow, in order to sign the ideal players for the squad.

One of the main parts about keeping Manchester United’s legacy intact for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is the transfer policy that the club had to sign the ideal player for their squad during the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

After the Scottish manager left there was a massive shift in the way things were done from the club’s management, the control the Scotsman had when it came to scouting players was now in the hands of chairman Ed Woodward, a businessman who has a very narrow idea of what the club is about.

Many former Manchester United players have repeatedly spoken about this poor policy the club has shown in the last years without Sir Alex Ferguson, but Solskjaer will attempt to recreate what his mentor did during all those years if they leave him as the permanent manager.

This Friday during the press conference ahead of this Saturday’s match at Fulham, the Norwegian manager explained what Manchester United’s transfer philosophy should be about.

With the signings of players like Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, or Angel Di Maria, the Red Devils moved far away from the club’s identity.

Solskjaer believes that the price or quality of the player are not the only things they need to consider before signing him, they also have other aspects to check and then move in to make the deal happen.

In Paul Pogba’s case for example, the price was unimportant because this is a player who grew up in the club’s youth academy and he already understood what the club is all about.

“It is not about ‘x’ amount of players,” said Solskjaer ahead of Saturday’s trip to Fulham via Four Four Two.

“It has to be the right one and one who fits. The personality has to fit with the team.”

“It is not just buy a superstar and that will fix things and suddenly we go from challenging to being top four and be champions.”

“If you look at the players, the age of them, they’re young and they’ve got plenty of development in them. But we also need some experienced players to stay and step up and really become the leaders.”

Solskjaer admits United need a player like Bryan Robson

The Red Devils manager believes the former midfielder had a lot of class and this is exactly what the team needs.

“Paul [Pogba] now is, Jesse – they’re at that age where we expect them to take that responsibility and not just be a young boy that floats around.”

Ole also spoke about the club’s chances to win the Premier League next season, as he knows that 14 points behind leaders Manchester City is too much to handle this season.

“We have to move slowly because we are fifth at the moment,” he added.

“We’ve been sixth for so long and it seemed we were never going to move away from that sixth position.”

“There are six very, very good teams and all with challenge for the trophies, but we’ve got the resources and the infrastructure and the history to move towards the top and that is the only way we should think about things at Man United.”

“I think we’re too far behind this year, obviously. But you’ve got to catch up the other teams ahead of us, especially City, Liverpool, but now Tottenham. They’re really in the running as well.”

“So obviously it’s three teams who have been far ahead. We’ve beaten Tottenham so we know that we’re capable of that but we need the consistency.”

“Two years’ time is long enough, but also short enough, to say that we’ve got the possibility to make a big difference in our preparation, in everything. Next year – you always hope, of course. When I came into Molde, they were 11th in 2010, and in 2011 we won the league, so you can never say never.”

What does a club like Manchester United need to consider when they are scouting for players on the transfer market? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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